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We are delighted to share the news that Detroit’s Dynamic Duo of the Blues, Harmonica Shah and Ace Guitarist Howard Glazer will be reuniting this January in the Motor City to record their first album together since 2003’s Electro-Fi Release “Tell It To Your Landlord”. Both have had active recording careers since then, but strong favourable reaction to their recent stellar live performances together have led to demand for a new disc. Watch for a Spring 2020 release from these two talented artists.

“Harmonica Shah is a Star in my book, and worthy of the attention of all Blues fans . Authentic, Hard Core Blues of the First Degree”. Fred Rothwell, Blues & Rhythm U.K.

“Howard Glazer uses his solos to show us what playing Blues Guitar is all about”. Soul Bag (France).


.Watch here for reviews of the upcoming Harmonica Shah and Howard Glazer reunion CD on Electro-fi records,

 20 years of Down and Dirty Detroit Blues